Thursday, March 6, 2008


Well, it's the end of the school week for the boys. We have parent/teacher conferences tomorrow, so they have Friday off. They both have spring fever so I hope it warms up soon. It was cold today and snowed a little earlier.

They both have there last basketball game of the season this Saturday. They have really enjoyed this season. They bonded with the other boys on their teams and had good coaches. I will not miss driving to Parker 3 times a week but it really hasn't been that bad. Usually whenever one is practicing the other does homework so it worked pretty well. Also thier games have been back to back every Sat., Alex at 9:00 and Connor at 10:00.

Last night the boys wanted to put out Easter decorations. At first I thought I would help but they were having so much fun I just let them do what they wanted. They actually did a really nice job. (they got a little silly, see slideshow).


Terra said...

GO BONNIE! Love the Easter Slide Show! Your boys really are awesome!

Monica Campbell said...

Hey Bonnie! I got it and the pictures are all so awesome. I miss you all so much, my love to you my bro and the boys! MUAH!!!