Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday


We had a great day. Alex is still sick but felt pretty good most of the day. The boys woke up early, about 6:20. They were too excited to sleep. They enjoyed their Easter baskets. It was a really pretty day. We spent a lot of time outside. Grandpa and Grandma were here. We played Bocce ball. The boys went down to the creek behind our house and found a nest of snakes..ick. They were just Gardner snakes but pretty thick..still ick. Of course they were thrilled. Grandpa and Dad helped them make boats to race down the creek. The kids only hunted Easter eggs a couple of times. Usually it would be much more. I think they are outgrowing it a little. Makes me a little sad but we all still had a wonderful Easter. I was looking back in our scrapbooks of Easters past. In 2004 Mark was very sick (and had lost his hair). It made me so thankful to have him enjoying the day, feeling good, jumping on the trampoline, playing catch with the kids.. We are truly blessed this Easter.

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