Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday, the day before Easter...

I once read a quote by Joan Lundon that said "In life, always be ready for plan B". I've found that to be true especially when you have kids..maybe even plan c,d,e,f..etc. Alex was sick when I picked him up from school yesterday. Poor thing looked so droopy. I think he was a little sick in the morning but didn't want to miss his field trip to the aquarium or the Easter Egg hunt they were having (Who would?). So he made it through the day but fell asleep in the car on the way home and has had a fever in between doses of Motrin since then. He had to miss his first Football game of the season. We also cancelled plans for dinner with our friends. He really wanted to color Easter eggs so he got through that and then he went to lay down again. Grandma made it here about 1:00. We were all happy to see her. Of course she brought lots of Easter goodies.

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