Friday, March 14, 2008


Well it's Friday. This week seemed to fly by. Last night the boys had a Basketball awards ceremony. They received a full size basketball. They play at a church in Parker. The program is called Upwards. This was Connor's 5th season and Alex's 3rd. They had a man there that travels all over the world doing a basketball show. He was pretty entertaining.

Connor has had difficulty sleeping at night since the time change. He was so tired this morning when I tried to wake him up he said " Call the school, tell them I died and let me rest in peace. I thought it was pretty funny. Alex has his first flag football practice tonight. There is a chance of snow so it might not happen afterall. It really doesn't look like snow though. We are looking forward to the weekend. Hopefully we can all catch up on our sleep. Connor needs to do some reading on his Steven Spielberg book. His book report is due 3/25 and he is on chapter 2. There are only 6 chapters but they are kind of long. Wish us luck!

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