Sunday, November 2, 2008

Football Playoffs

The boys both made it into the "playoffs" in flag football. Connor was playing for 3rd or 4th and won so their team came in 3rd......Go Raptors!! Connor was part time Quarterback but also played other various positions. He played hard and had fun. Also played well. Good Job Connor! I love watching you do something that you love!

Alex was playing for 1st place! and...........won!! Go Hurricanes! They were playing a team that they had lost to twice before so it was exciting for all of us to watch. Alex had a coach who was a little rough around the edges but kept the boys on their toes. Alex played quarterback most of the time because the coach said he had a great arm and was very accurate (coaches words not mine..)

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The Bailey Family said...

Connor & Alex --CONGRATS--!!! That is SO cool!!!