Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our Halloween...

I've been anxious to post our Halloween pictures but it's been pretty busy around here. We carved pumpkins on Wednesday out on the deck in the warm sun. We have had a warm fall. Even Halloween night was mild which is very unusual around here. Grandma Susie and Grandpa Dick were here on Halloween. Grandma handed out the candy and Mark, Grandpa and I took the kids Trick or Treating. Connor for the first time actually broke off from our group and went with his friends for awhile. Didn't make me a bit nervous, nope not at all. I also didn't feel sad that it was the first Halloween He separated from his family and would rather be with his buds... I suppose the next thing you know he will too old to Trick or Treat!! What--ever!!!

Anyway where was I..?? haha We did all have a nice Halloween and I hope you all did too!

ps. for those of you who don't know, Alex has a really sensitive gag reflex. He loves carving pumpkins but has a hard time because the smell and texture make him gag (literally). So bless his heart he hangs in there with us but it is kind of comical to watch. You will notice in some of the pics by his face.

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Terra said...

Love the post, love the pictures! Smiled at your pumpkin but did not laugh!


The Bailey Family said...

I laughed at the pumpkin, but only because I loved the eyelashes! Very nice Bonnie... All the pumpkins were awesome, and the costumes were very cute! I loved the cool sunglasses -it was a nice touch!

Too old to trick-or-treat?! Never!