Saturday, November 15, 2008

What I've learned this week...

1. Not to be to devastated when the boys say they hate each other because in 5 minutes they are laughing and loving each other again.... meanwhile mom is still devastated that they would say such a thing.

2. Sometimes when you write down thoughts that you find funny but don't really think anyone else will.... they do.

3. That once plugged in and turned on my treadmill does actually work!!

4. I actually CAN go to McDonalds with my kids and eat a salad (preferably the southwest salad) and not eat even one single one of thier french fries!!!!!

5. Some days Alex will actually put on underwear without us reminding him!!

6. After having a heart to heart with my youngest son, maybe he doesn't actually "hate" his bedroom or think there is something scary on the ceiling (making me feel guiltly for letting him watch "hauntings" on the Discovery channel) that maybe he just wants to sleep with Mom and Dad.

7. I love my Vlingo.. credit to my "technical advisor, teacher, guru, very patient friend Terra.

8. I can actually go several days in a row without getting into my kids Halloween candy. I really do need to get the chocolate out of the house... or at least hide from myself.. I think I've polished off all the Almond Joys, and Snickers so the biggest temptation is out of the it were.

9. Connor really can wear something other than plain white t-shirts and shorts. He had to dress up for a field trip to the Symphony. He looked very handsome in his dress clothes..even wore a tie!!

10. I learned that when playing "Sorry" with my family, the boys are kinder to Mark. They actually seem to ENJOY making me go back to home or knocking me off the board. May I remind those little.............. ummm boys that I was the one to carry them for 9 months... being nauseated the first 4-5 months. Being in labor with one of them for 3 days before having major surgery to see that he came safely into the world... sorry, where was I?? Truthfully just between us I think it's that they know I am the real threat when it comes to board games.. Daddy feels sorry for them, but hey it's just a game..right??

And last but not least... that I have wonderful family and friends supporting me and cheering me on. I truly am blessed.....


Becky said...

To know you is to love you.

Terra said...

Bonnie, this was great! All so true so true!

The Bailey Family said...

Loved it! I have read it 4x!!