Monday, November 24, 2008

Getting ready for Thanksgiving...

First and foremost I wanted to say a big thanks to Terra for redesigning my blog. I love it and have already had several compliments on it. Thank you so much. I have a feeling you will be getting a few requests...

Well today is the boys last day of school before Thanksgiving. We are going to be celebrating Thanksgiving in Wichita. We are looking forward to seeing everyone! I have a few pictures to share.

We had lunch with Alex at school last week. They had a Thanksgiving lunch and we got to go. Connor wasn't there because he was on a field trip. I didn't have my camera so I took a picture with my phone, not the best but better than nothing. Sorry about the Garbage cans in the back.

I received a special invite from my friend and neighbor Garrett or as I like to call him my sweetie, to come to his school and have Thanksgiving lunch with him. (I was actually his 3rd choice, he wanted Alex or Connor but they were in school .. oh well, who's counting, right? haha) It was nice to see his school and meet his teachers and classmates. Thank you Garrett for inviting me!

We decided to put up our Christmas decorations early since we will be in Ks. next weekend. The boys did a good job decorating.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!!!


Terra said...

You are very welcome. It is fun for me plus I had to learn so much it was also good for my mommy brain!

Your tree looks very you rent the boys out?

Have fun in KANSAS and drive safe!


The Bailey Family said...

The tree looks great! Have a wonderful Thanksgivng -please tell everyone I said hello! Drive carefully, and I love you guys LOTS!!