Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Some of my favorite quotes from the week...

These are some of my favorite quotes..

"Alex has been really nice lately" (from a cute little girl in his class )

Upon my lecturing my oldest about doing better on his homework "School work isn't any fun Okay???"

I took Alex to a skate birthday party the other day. I was going to be there for 2 hours so I thought I might as well put on some skates and get some exercise (I really hadn't skated since jr. high) I had this conversation in my head.. If you can snow ski you can do this! So I asked Alex if he would be embarrassed if I skated too. He said as serious as can be "probably". I promised not to get too close to him. So I skated and didn't fall once... HA! Alex rolled past me a few times and acknowledged me discreetly a couple of times.. Fine I thought, go on and skate with that cute little blond with the fancy dress and cute little tights and cute little hat AND LIP GLOSS! What...Ever!

Upon telling my older son he needed to clean his room he replied "but Mom I like my room this way".

On Tuesday we were discussing the Inauguration when Connor said "Could I stay home this morning and watch the Inauguration"? I was impressed that it was something he would like to see. I wobbled a little in my mind and then said no. I was still proud of him for realizing the importance of it. Then a little while later on his way out the door he said "It's not going to be a very good day" I asked why and he said "On Friday we had a sub and "our class" was kind of wild. My teacher will be back today and we will probably be in trouble" Suddenly I understood. I asked "Is that why you wanted to stay home and watch the inauguration" He grinned at me and said "yeah". I did tape it for him anyway but he got to watch it at school.


Becky said...

Those little minds never stop working. Too cute!

Terra said...

Love the quotes..pull in the reigns on that schoolwork before you wish you had, I wanna go rollerskating (ok, maybe not but it did sound like fun)