Monday, January 19, 2009

My Perfect Moment...

Yes, we have our very own sledding hill in our front yard. I pulled up from taking Alex to a Birthday party yesterday and Mark and Connor were working on the sledding hill. It was a beautiful sunny January day here in Denver. I thought what a perfect scene. I learned something from Lori's blog. She wrote about her mantra for this year.. Be. Here. Now. Enjoy! I have really been using it and you'd be surprised how it helps you appreciate the now. She also has a Perfect Moment Monday blog . Well this is my perfect moment.

To summarize... when I saw Mark out working, shoveling snow it flashed in my mind all that he's been through health wise and I was so thankful to see my healthy husband strong enough to be out there building our traditional snow hill and enjoying the beautiful day with the boys. He even took a few turns down the hill. Here are some pictures... I took them with my new camera..did I mention that I LOVE my new camera??? haha

The song with the slideshow is dedicated to Mark (Who doesn't love Bon Jovi?)

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Terra said...

oh what fun what fun! GO MARK

Lavender Luz said...

Gratitude is such a big part of perfect moments. Just realize what you DO have can be very powerful.

Love the slide show! I love Colorado. You can ski/sled/board with short sleeves, and have a mound of snow on your otherwise clear yard.

Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

Your little strip of snow is such a contrast to the more than two feet in my yard! But despite all of the powder, it is way too cold to play outside (not that the cold stops everyone).

The Bailey Family said...

What a wonderful moment that must have been, I bet it brought you a lot of peace.

I LOVE all the action shots...must be the new camera...I really need a faster camera. Maybe I will let Alex borrow my camera when we visit -ha, ha!

Becky said...

You guys have so much fun together! Love the shots and that camera really takes some clear action pics!