Monday, January 26, 2009

Something smells fishy...

Guess what???? We are getting fish! The guilt of my kids not having a pet finally wore me down and I in turn wore my husband down (Poor Mark). I just couldn't see one more paper from school come home where you are supposed to write about a pet or fill in the blank.. My pet's name is........ My kids would write things like well we used to have hermit crabs but they died. We used to have fish but had to give them away when we moved from Florida. Mark and I have really never been pet people because we kind of like to be foot loose and fancy free.. but now that there are little people who arn't getting any littler involved we really should think more about it. Connor has allergies to dogs, hamsters, rabbits, birds, horses and who knows what else so that hasn't made our search any easier. We did research and visit a few dogs this summer but nothing really worked out. Connor just thought the Lab mixes looked too silly (sorry if any of you have one, I actually think they are kind of cute) but sooo expensive (as Alex would say) "It's just ridiculous.!"

So we started out looking at a 5 gallon tank and ended up with a 20. We spent yesterday evening shopping for the little things that go inside, you know pirates skulls with knives going through their heads.. that was my personal favorite.. and they thought the cute little mermaid I wanted was..what did Connor say "cheap looking". Well at least it wasn't violent!! But I'm getting off track here. What I thought would be a fun outing to Pet Smart to find all the cute things to put inside the tank well..turned out something like this.

Daddy says, "okay, lets decide on a centerpiece and then we can find things to go around it". I thought, great idea..well both boys wanted something different (of course).. So we took a family vote and tied.. okay so we thought lets have a little contest. We sat each piece on the floor and told the boys to decorate around them and we will see which one we like best.. I think the employee working the dept wasn't quite sure about us because he kept stopping by to see if he could "help". No we would say we are fine. (This is very normal Campbell family behavior.).. Still having trouble making up minds so Mark brings over a tank and sets it on the floor while we put the items in it to see how they look.. another drop by of the employee.. Everything ok over here? Sure we are fine. So we finally compromise and pay for our stuff and head home. (I'm thinking I'm glad I had that Margarita with dinner.. and the employee is thinking.. Are they finally gone?

We came home and started preparing our aquarium. We dumped all the pretty rocks in and then started reading the directions.. :) It said "BE SURE TO RINSE THE ROCK BEFORE PUTTING IN TANK" Mark was just tickled to take them all out and wash them (Alex and I did help).. anyway we got it all situated so now we wait three long days for the water to dechlorinate or whatever so that we can go back and buy fish! We'll see what kind of fun we can get ourselves into with that!


Becky said...

Hahahaha. Can't wait to hear about your next trip to PetSmart. Perhaps you could take Hailey's lead and name each one of those little rocks. They've had their bath, they have a house, and no bedtime fights - everyone could take a hand full to sleep with.

Bonnie said...

Yes, we could just name the rocks and forget about the fish! They could just use their imagination. hahaha

The Bailey Family said...

I can just see you guys in PetSmart...too funny!! I needed a good laugh! I can't wait to see pictures of the tank -I bet it will look awesome!