Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lemon Drop Martini anyone??

Mark and I had a wonderful dinner at J. Alexanders tonight. We were celebrating our 22nd anniversary. Food was great as always and service impeccable.. although the nice young man server did look at me with a funny little grin when I said I would like to have one more of those yummy lemon drop martinis please.. I guess he knew as well as my husband that they go down a little too easy..................... anyway I was fine, really, I'm serious, I hardly wobbled at all walking out of the restaurant..

Thank you Mom and Gary for a wonderful dinner that we didn't have to pay for..yeah!

Mark of course was totally embarrassed when I pulled my camera out of my purse and asked the nice young man server person to please take our picture.. you should have seen the look on Mark's face.. I know he thought it was the yummy lemon drop Martini talkin' but I had it planned all along.

and I'll thank you for not even saying a word about the spot on my shirt.. those darn martini glasses are a little tricky.. seriously.


Lavender Luz said...

Happy, happy anniversary! I think you guys look suspiciously a lot like the couple in the post below.

Lemondrop martinis must have a lot of preservation value!

Becky said...

Again, Happy Anniversary to you two love birds. Hmmmm ... there are quite a few beverage glasses sitting on the table - none of which are in front of Mark.

The Bailey Family said...

I'm laughing out loud! I can totally see the look on Mark's face...what spot on your shirt?!

Terra said...

You go girl, I can so see you and your martinis! And I know you planned that photo hours ahead of time! Happy Anniversary