Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mark's health update...good news..not an April fools prank...

We received some great news yesterday and I wanted to share it with everyone. Mark had labs (blood work) done a couple of months ago after his radiation treatments. Without getting into all the details the doctor had some concerns about his white count and other results. He thought it was probably due to radiation but wasn't sure so needless to say it has weighed a little heavy on our minds. Well, a few days ago he had another workup done and we found out yesterday everything was back to normal. His oncologist did say that Mark needs to have some more testing done with his Hydrocephalus. The main thing he needs to have done is a spinal tap. He's really looking forward to that..NOT.

On another note, Mark injured his arm while skiing. He had it x-rayed today and he has some small fractures. I don't think there is much they can do. It will just have to heal.

Thank you all for your support and concern regarding Mark through his health ordeals. I will try to keep you updated.


Terra said...

Love the good news! Sorry about the spinal tap - we all know it wont be the most fun but it will be over fast and hopefully help to continue to ease minds! HANG IN THERE!


Monica Campbell said...

That is good news! I can't tell you how happy that makes me. Love you all so much!