Monday, March 2, 2009

Favorite quotes of the week...

Alex, coming in the house after walking home from school... "Mom!" "That Groundhog was wrong!"

Me, trying to figure out what the heck he is talking about "What?"

Alex: "Feel my neck... it's all sweaty!!"

Me: "Connor, I just hate when you don't feel good and there is nothing I can do."

Connor: "Well, it's no picnic for me either!."

For those of you that don't watch American Idol you may not get this but this year they have changed their format and are going about picking the top 12 a little differently. Well, Alex is my faithful AI watcher companion but he is just not getting this. I'm sure it's hilarious to listen to us go round and round as I'm trying to explain it. It goes something like this.

Alex: "So, did the guy with the glasses whose wife died make it?"

Me: "Yes, his name is Danny, remember last week he was in the top 3?"

Alex: "So where is he tonight?"

Me: "Remember how I explained to you they are doing 12 at a time and picking 3 each week out of the 12 and then at the end they will pick 3 more and that will make the final 12."

Alex: "So where is the guy with the glasses whose wife died?"

And it goes on and on and on............ Mark and Connor are not into it but once in a while will ask a question similar to this and I have to admit last night at the dinner table I got a little exasperated. I said "OK." "Everyone listen, I'm going to explain this once and for all. There are 36 finalists...etc........ by the end they were all just looking at me with blank stares. I know they still didn't get it or more accurately don't really care, and Alex and I will have the same conversation next week...... I can't wait to get to the final 12. Then I can say "OK, forget HOW they got here but here are the final 12" :)

Now that I think about it, doing homework with Alex kind of goes the same way.. by the way if you read this Alex, you know how much I love and adore you. You make me laugh every day....... but sometimes you have a hard time focusing, can't imagine why, you are an 8 yr old boy who would rather be doing anything other than homework.
So sometimes it sounds something like this...

Me: "Okay so 7 + 7 is what?" (doing double digit addition and subtraction)

Alex: "ummmmmmmmmmmm, drops his pencil, tries to lean waaaaaaaaay over in his chair to get it, ends up falling out off the chair. Suddenly when he sees the frustration on my face, he's hurt. But Mom I hurt my leg! on and on

Me: "ok so 7 + 7 is what?"

Alex: "ummmmmmmmmmm, mom did I tell you my teacher sucks on Halls candy ALL day and when I'm reading with her It's REALLY strong?"

Me: "Do you think she has a cough or sore throat?" (oh boy, now I'M getting off track)

Me again: "Okay lets focus, what is 7 + 7?"

Alex: "what?" "Did I tell you when I was playing soccer at recess, Trevor kicked me really hard?!"

Me: "Oh my word, I am going to buy flashcards tomorrow, you know this!!!"

Me: "okay, 19 + 19 ='s........ I'm not kidding he starts counting on his fingers! "Alex are you kidding me? You can't add that with your fingers!"

Alex: "Yes I can." "20,21,22,23.................

Me: "Alexander! how do you do it at school? You round it off, count tens and then the ones or just write it down and carry like I did when I was in school."

Alex: (writes down 19+19) "Mom what's 9 + 9?".

Me: (thinking to myself......... has this child learned nothing? Panicking a little, ok a lot. Surely he knows his math facts better than this! I know we have flashcards around her somewhere.. oh no I sold them at the garage sale because we didn't need them any longer.. :0) I just love to rebuy things I practically gave away...)

From flashcards

Mark: (From the other room) "Bonnie, is everything ok in there?"

Me: "Everything is FINE!!"

Mark: "Ok."

This can go on forever.. then other nights he's done in 15 minutes......... Could it be my husband is right, he is working me and enjoys the attention? Nahhh. couldn't be.


Laura said...

Wouldn't that family dinner conversation make an excellent commercial for the show?
It would be so funny with the mom melting down in the end while trying to explain the new procedure.

Becky said...

"You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him add." What a hoot!

Terra said...

I love it bonnie!

The Bailey Family said...

Ok Bonnie...I'm laughing!! I've read it a few times!! Love the groundhog comment!!

Life with Kaishon said...

I saw a comment you left at Nut in a Nutshell and I came over to say hi : ). Your little button is so cute : ). I see you are kind of new to blogging. Welcome. It is tons of fun! I loved your post. Very clever. Kids are the funniest, aren't they?