Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Trying to fold a sleeping bag and coming undone..

We have quite a few sleepovers and happened to have one the other night. Well, I've always had a problem with folding sleeping bags. I usually will piddle around and clean up everything around them until Mark jumps in and starts folding. Then I will say "do you need some help with that?" I really hate folding sleeping bags and I'm not good at it. I've often thought there has to be a better way! Or maybe I just don't know the trick (like folding fitted sheets), I know I've been told there is a way to fold a fitted sheet but I could never do it and mine always end up looking like a wadded up mess. I try to fold the sleeping bags and Mark will say you have to fold it "tight". How in the world does this work? They slip and slide no matter how hard I try and by the end it's just big lumpy mess!

It got me to thinking. I wonder who invented sleeping bags and why didn't they finish the job and invent a great way to fold and store them? So I looked it up. Would you believe the person was female and she was a Viking Warrior Princess.. Her name was Freydis Eiriksdottir She was quite a lady. I mean she was a viking warrior. Would you believe she made the first sleeping bag from an extra sail from her ship. It is believed she accidentally invented it during one of two expeditions colonizing the Americas.. who knew? I guess she was a little busy surviving and being a warrior and princess to worry about a whiny housewife having trouble folding a sleeping bag. Am I the only one who can't fold a sleeping bag??

From sleeping bags

From sleeping bags


Becky said...

I think you're supposed to roll them and tie them with an old belt so they attach to the back of your saddle.

Terra said...

I hate them too, they never quite look right to me when I am done with them, much like those pop up things that you are supposed to be able to fold and fit back in tiny little bag?

You are right though, only a resourceful woman could have invented the sleeping bag - no matter what her cause.

blueviolet said...

It's not just you. Mine look ok but the second I pick them up they spill open. I hate sleeping bags.

Cascia said...

That is very interesting. I had no idea that the sleeping bag could be traced that far back. Thank you for sharing!

The Bailey Family said...

Who knew!! I've never been able to master the sleeping bad fold either!

Laura said...

I didn't realize I had a repressed aversion to sleeping bag folding but I think I do.
I began to remember hating it while reading this.
However, with my new fun facts about sleeping bags, I respect them much more.
so thank you for that.

Debbie said...

Stuff sacks! That is what you need. Then you just stuff them and forget them!