Saturday, April 25, 2009

Your Gonna Miss This

I recently discovered this Bloggy carnival over at Bonnie's "Where did this all come from?" blog. You can link up at Pam's You're gonna miss this blog. On Saturday the boys had three flag football games between them. We had to be there early for pictures and practice so we spent the majority of the day outside on the field. Brrrrrrrrrrr. It was cold. The field they played the first 2 games on is always colder and windier then at our house which is close by. Anyway after about an hour we were numb from the cold. The boys trudged through but it got me to thinking about how I'm probably going to miss these days regardless of how miserable I may be physically.

Alex running for a Touchdown. It ended up not counting because they started from the wrong place. But, in my heart it will always be a touchdown :)

Connor had a rough game. The league we are in didn't do a very good job of matching teams. The team he played were older and bigger. They also play tackle fb together. Connor kept his chin up though and did his best. That's what it's all about in my book.


The Bailey Family said...

GO Con - Go Alex!!!

Lindsay said...

oo that looks like so much fun.. I might actually be able to let Sammy play that.. tackle football scares me for him.. hes small.. but man I love watching it!

Bonnie said...

Glad you could get in on the action!

I too grumbled and complained all winter dragging my 3yr oldl twins and baby around to the rinks to watch my 6 yr old play hockey BUT when he mentioned to me the other day that he did not want to play next year it made me really sad.