Saturday, April 19, 2008

busy weekend...

Wow, finally a moment to catch our breath. It's been a busy weekend and it's only Saturday! Yesterday Connor and Alex both had football practice. Then off to our schools "Spring Fling". It was at South Suburban Family sports center. They have laser tag, bumper cars a climbing wall and more. The boys had a great time but we were there until after 9:00, then Alex's friend came home with us for an unplanned sleepover. Then up this morning for another FB practice at 9:00 and games at 10:00.

After the games we came back home for a little while then I took Alex and his friend to a birthday party. I watched them swim for a couple of hours and then drove them to the birthday boys house for a sleepover. They were having 7 boys over... I feel for them!

While we were at the party Mark took Connor to Dinosaur Ridge. They had a nice hike, found some nice rocks and got a lot of sun. Connor was very happy. He added the rocks to his museum collection.

I hope we all get a good nights sleep tonight... I doubt Alex will. He will probably be a bear tomorrow but that's the way it goes sometimes.

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Terra said...

First that was quite a weekend! Congrats on making it through! Second I think I am going to try your french dip this week!! THe boys games look fun! See you soon.