Monday, April 7, 2008

Sunday...last official day of Spring Break

We mostly spent the day relaxing and trying to get ready for school Monday. Connor had a science test to study for. He seemed to do well on the review but we will see how the test goes today.

We decided to take a bike ride. We have a trail close to our house. It's called Wildcat Ridge. It leads up to an overlook with an amazing view. You can see all of down town, the mountains and the tech center. It was perfect weather and we had a beautiful clear view. The boys rode their bikes and I actually walked. Connor stopped several times along the way to look at and collect rocks. I had a pocket full by the time we made it to the top. I found an antler which the boys were excited about. (We brought it home, not sure you are really supposed to take things out of the park..shhhhh, don't tell anyone).

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Terra said...

What a great day! I am a bit would never find Lauren crawling through the rocks and though Hailey would love it she would step off and crack her skull!