Thursday, April 3, 2008

Still on Spring Break...

We are having a nice Spring Break. On Monday we went to the Aquarium. Grandma got to come with us. She had never been there so the kids enjoyed showing her around. It's one of their favorite places. Yesterday we went bowling and swimming. Tomorrow we are going to the museum. They have a new Astronaut exhibit in the planetarium we are going to see.

Mom left yesterday. We sure miss her, but we had a good time with her while she was here. She came skiing with us, watched the boys football games and just hung out with us. I'm sure by the time she left she was ready for some peace and quiet. Thanks for coming Mom. We miss you!

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melody said...

Dear Bonnie,
I love reading your blog. It sounds like your family has had a great spring break with going skiing, to the aquarium, and the museum. I am elated about the news concerning Mark's blood work! Hurray! I am so blessed! However, it's too bad he fractured his arm skiing. That will heel in time. By the way, how is your hip and knee and no you are NOT too old for this! Tell Connor "Hi!" for me. I know it's always an adjustment getting back into the swing of things and doing homework after a break. Then we have the IOWAs coming up next week! Well, I'll look forward to seeing you Monday morning. YOU guys are awesome and your boys simply adorable. Melody (AKA -Mrs. Nelson)