Thursday, April 17, 2008

bye bye snow...

The snow was really pretty. Mark went outside last night and took a few pictures. It's warming up today though so it's all melting. It's supposed to be really nice by the weekend. Should be nice for our football games on Saturday.

Alex has really been wanting to take drum lessons so I checked around and got a name of someone who does lessons. I spoke to him today. Alex starts May 7th. I'm kind of excited for him because he has always really loved the drums and he does seem to have some natural talent..I know that sounds like such a mom thing to say but it's true.

We are all looking forward to summer. The boys are going to play tennis a couple times a week for a few weeks. Their PE teacher does lessons in the summer. The boys really like coach and it's very reasonable so they should have fun. We are doing it with a friend too so that's always fun. Alex is going to play baseball. His first game is June 7th. I think I might check into some fossil hunts or classes for Connor. Does anyone know of any? We are planning to visit Mt.Rushmore this summer. We have heard there are some fossil museums in South Dakota not too far from Mt. Rushmore. I think it's mostly mammoth fossils but Connor would still enjoy it I think.

I will be off to pick up the boys soon. We need to make a stop on the way home to get Alex a new mouth piece for football.

I wanted to add I tried another new recipe yesterday it's "Easy crock pot french dip". I'm not a big french dip person but it was really good and all three boys liked it!! It's always a challenge to find something everyone will eat. I will post the recipe on the right hand side of the blog in case any one cares to try's yummy.

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Terra said...

It sounds like you will have a great trip this summer! The boys are going to love it!