Saturday, April 5, 2008


It's hard to believe Spring Break is almost over. It has gone really fast. The kids will be back in school on Monday and back to our regular routine.

They both had football games this morning. Connor's team (The Seahawks) lost by only 2 points. Connor got to play Quarterback and made a couple of really nice passes. Alex's team (The Panthers) lost by 2 touchdowns I think. They played well but some of the players they played against seemed really big for their age group. That's okay it's good practice.

The "boys" decided to get their motorcycles out for the first time of the season,(Yes, even though Mark has a fractured arm) they rode in the backyard a little. By the time I got my camera out Connor had already finished so I didn't get any pics of him...

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Terra said...

Looks like fun! Pry not a lot of room to ride in the yard - at least for Mark! Tell him to BE CAREFUL...he doesn't need another injury.