Sunday, May 4, 2008

Campbell Weekend Update...

It's Sunday night. I just finished reading with Alex. (warning...It's Mommy brag time) He has improved by leaps and bounds this year. I have to credit his teacher because I haven't been reading with him on a regular basis (bad mommy). I got some books at the library today and he picked a Magic Tree house book. I thought it would be too hard for him but he did really well.

Connor needed a book for a book report. He likes a series called "National Park Mysteries". I picked a few for him to choose from. He chose one that takes place in Glacier Natl Park. I think that's in Montana and maybe part of Canada. Anyway he seems excited about it..which is a good thing because he's not into reading fiction very much.

Saturday the boys had 2 football games a piece. Connor's first was a nail biter (if I were one of those moms..which I am, haha) At half time neither team had scored. Then the other team scored. Right after that, Connor ran for a "TOUCHDOWN"! Then with 1 minute to go Connor's team caught an interception and ran it in to win the game. In Con's second game his team was winning until the 2nd half. The other team beat them by 4 pts.

Alex's first game was against a team where the boys where quite a bit bigger and looked older than Alex's team (I think there were some organizational problems this year). Alex was telling everyone that the kids they played against were "like 13 yr olds". Probably more like 9 or 10 but I'm sure they looked that old to Alex. Alex was running with the ball and told me later "Mom, all I could see were legs" haha. They were quite a bit taller than Alex. Alex did have a good run and an interception in his second game. Their team hasn't won a game this year but they've had fun..

Mark made sugar cookies today and the boys and I got into a little frosting fight while decorating them. I think Mark started it... or maybe I did. I can't remember..haha Mark grabbed the camera.

We also ended up going to the rec center to swim Friday night. After Alex took his bath he really wanted to go swimming. I snapped a few pictures.


Terra said...

Looks like you guys had a great weekend! What fun. Congrats to Alex too on his reading! That is great!

Susu said...

Hey, what better way to wash off icing than to go swimming...ha, ha, ha!!! love you lots have a wonderful, well deserved Mother's Day!