Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend Part 1

We had a nice weekend. We left town on Thursday. Our plan was to stop in Oakley, Ks. to visit the Fick Fossil Museum and then on to Hays to stay the night. I called the Fick Museum the morning we left and spoke to a nice lady who said they would be there all day except the lunch hour between 12-1. We pulled in about 3:00 and it was a little rainy and dark clouds (not unusual for Ks. in the Spring) The museum was all dark and closed! We felt like Chevy Chase when he arrived at Wally World. I couldn't understand why this nice lady would tell me they would be open and she knew we were driving from Denver that very day!......... Well as we headed for the highway we noticed people outside pointing at the sky. Then once we got back on the highway we looked back and saw a large tornado behind us! The museum obviously closed due to the tornado warning but we had no idea... glad we made it out of town. I don't think it hit any houses or anything. Apparently there was quite a bit of severe weather and several tornadoes spotted along I-70 around the time we were traveling. We saw several storm chasers in there big trucks like in the movie "Twister". I guess there was actually a storm chaser convention going on in Hays. They picked a good weekend.

We made it to Hays and had a nice dinner with Pam. Then she and Dad headed to Wichita. We went to our hotel. It had a great swimming pool with a big water slide. We had a lot of fun. We checked the weather before going to bed and we were going to be under a tornado watch all night so we left the TV on. The power went out about 3 am but came on a couple of hours later. Alex was really upset about the tornado warnings. He slept with us the entire trip. We got up the next morning and went to the Sternberg Museum in Hays. It is pretty famous for it's fossils. We weren't disappointed. It was great. It has the famous "fish within a fish fossil". We spent a couple of hours there and then headed for Wichita.

I couldn't believe a Holiday Inn would have such a cool swimming pool. I went down the slide a few times too but you really don't want to see those pictures!

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Terra said...

when the tornados were hitting I thought about you guys a lot! Must have been kind of scary to drive away from one!