Thursday, May 15, 2008

Denver Museum Lecture

Connor has been reading a book called "Cruisin the Fossil Freeway". I think I've written about it before. Well the author is Dr. Kirk Johnson. The Chief Curator of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. He created the Prehistoric Journey exhibit at the Museum. Connor has enjoyed reading about him. He was like Connor when he was a little boy. He loved fossils and rocks. He is now a Paleontologist and Geologist. Anyway he gave a lecture last night at the Museum and we took the kids. Connor was so engrossed.. Even though a lot of it was about Global warming, he touched on his love for fossils and talked about how he had been all over the world hunting fossils. The lecture was in the IMAX room and he showed pictures he had taken all over the world on the big IMAX screen! The look on Con's face was priceless. We were the youngest people in the crowd and there were no other kids.

Afterwards Kirk Johnson did a book signing and Connor got to have him sign his book. He is a very nice, down to earth man. We were very impressed with him. I told him that Connor was a kindred spirit to him because of his passion for geology and paleontology. He kind of lit up and looked pleased. He wrote a note to Connor in his book..something like "Go dig those fossils"! Connor was on cloud nine. He even let me take a picture. Alex enjoyed it too but was a little boring for him. I was proud of him. It's not easy for a 7 year old boy to sit still for 2 hours. He did great!

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