Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Leaving town...

Spent the day doing laundry, packing and getting ready for our trip to Kansas. We are leaving in the morning and driving to Hays, Ks. It is about a 5 hour drive. We are going to spend the night at a hotel that has a big swimming pool with a big slide. The boys are very excited about it. We are going to visit a museum in Hays. It's called the Sternberg Museum. Connor read about it in one of his fossil books. We've driven through Hays a hundred times and seen the signs for the museum but never knew it was anything special. (Who would think in Hays, Ks.). I quess quite a few prehistoric fossils have been found in Kansas. It used to be tropical. The museum has quite a few fossils of prehistoric sea creatures.

After visiting the museum on Friday we are going to drive on to Wichita (about 3 hours away). We are going to spend the weekend visiting with family and return home on Monday. It will be a short trip but will be nice to see everybody.

Hopefully I will have some good pictures to post when we get home. Have a good Memorial Day weekend!

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