Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend Part 2 "The Sternberg Museum"

We woke up Friday morning and had breakfast at the hotel... they had a really nice breakfast buffet. It was $7.50 for adults and free for kids! I know we've paid at least double that before and it wasn't any friendly service. I do miss that about smaller towns. We packed up and went to the museum. We took our time (it wasn't crowded). There was a new dinosaur exhibit they were working on and it was to open the next day. The lady working on it was really nice and said if we were careful she would give us a quick tour. She was an Art major at the college there and they hired her to do the exhibit. She didn't know a lot about dinosaurs but was learning. Anyway Connor was able to answer some questions for her, like "would these dinosaurs be together? Would this one be hunting this one?? I guess she had set some up wrong and when the curator came along she would have to correct it. She just had a few dinosaur books to go by. Looked like a hard job to me. Anyway we enjoyed the tour and learned a lot about Mr. Sternberg who discovered a lot of the fossils that were in the museum. He found a lot of them right in that area around Hays, KS. Connor wasn't disappointed.

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Susu said...

This is such a super blog site! I love looking at it. Sounds like your vacation was fun....I was worried about you and the tornadoes. I wonder if there were tornadoes in prehistoric times? Maybe those dinasaurs were really in Colorado and the tornadoes took them to Kansas!!! Who knows, Toto. Love you all.